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2015 – in progress

Ode Lisbon is a long term project dedicated to the Portuguese capital and the intimate and poetic atmosphere surrounding it.

The Portuguese capital has always been linked to great international literature and poetry. In the past and in the present home of many writers and poets worldwide recognized. Luis de Camões, Fernando Pessoa, the Nobel Literature Prize winner Josè Saramago, the italian writer Antonio Tabucchi, are just some of the most famous protagonists of the Portuguese people who made literature and poetry a distinctive feature of their identity.

Ode Lisbon is my personal tribute to the Portuguese city written through photographic images. Presented in pairs, the photos were taken in the most disparate places in the city and matched together like rhymes kissed.

The matching in fact are not the result of a well planned, geographical or rational choice, but rather the obvious result of those intense likenesses that Lisbon offers to anyone who crosses it. Like everything is wrapped up in the same music.

Samuele Mancini