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Islands of Light

Islands of light

“Islands of light” is a personal and intimate journey, through a numerous nights spent along roads and highways.
The “islands” are these petrol stations from which the bright neon signs illuminates the dark nights, offering a 24h service even in the most remote places.
These images, always fascinated me like being extremely powerful messages, symbols or metaphors questioning about who we are and on what we are becoming.
Leading me to think of the frenetic modern life we are living. I see humanity moving in bright metal boxes, just like fast-moving shuttles along ways that never meets or cross.
The car becomes then a traveling home, a mobile space containing our identity and status that we are grasping and avariciously without sharing.
Society is strongly depending on fuel. This same fuel whose combustion is to harming the entire planet, this same fuel generating conflicts and wars and last but not least its absence slowdown, isolated and inactive economic and social systems.
The islands of light than are no longer only places to refill petrol or just pit stops, more they are mirroring our contemporary society and reflecting our solitudes.

The project was created in winter of 2010 and continuing its journey to other Islands of Light.

Samuele Mancini