How to choose a paper

The choice of paper is not only an aesthetic factor. A support can completely change the perception of the image itself and enhance or not a project. The papers presented below, all from the Canson Infinity line, are the supports with which the printer Samuele Mancini has been working for more than ten years. Each paper has its own particular profile created and optimized over time. Each of these papers falls within the quality certifications issued by the studio.

Semi-glossy cotton papers

Fiber Platine Rag 310g

A gritty paper with deep blacks and an incredible paper white. Recommended for projects where engraving and crispness of the image are the strengths. A paper with a pure cotton core on which was applied a coating capable of providing the right brilliance without exceeding in polish. Read here the technical characteristics.

Baryta Photographique 310g

When you hear about Baryta, you immediately remember the smell of the old barytate papers used in traditional printing. This support has been realized just to recall those tastes and those engravings of contrasts. Recommended for black and white workings with dense blacks, an ivory white point that goes well with classic atmospheres. Read here the technical characteristics.

Baryta Prestige 340g

An innovative paper produced by Canson from 2016. In addition to the solidity and therefore the depth of inking, this paper allows to reach a great definition of details with an incredible dynamism in midtones. Recommended for both colour and black and white processing, even if it is already among the latest arrivals in the Olympus of cotton papers for Fine Art. Read the technical characteristics here.

Photo Lustre Premium RC 310g

A more flexible support that responds to the needs of both large retailers and authors. The coated surface makes the printed image fresh and bright, suitable for both shooting techniques and ‘very recommended in projects that make the color engraved and dense their strength. Read here the technical characteristics.

Matte cotton papers

Rag Photographique (210g and 310g)

One of the most important paper of the Canson Infinity line. Totally opaque and incredibly smooth, it boasts as its main feature the depth of black that can be achieved, our opinion among the best on the market. Recommended for work of pure photography where the dynamism of the shades, the contrast in high light and sharpness are the strengths. This is the support, among the few on the market, that allows you to reach the maximum in brilliance without any reflection. Read here the technical characteristics.

Print Making Rag 310g

An opaque support that holds together the world of photography and the reproduction of illustrations and artworks. Its wrinkled surface and its warm white point allow it to enter by right into any art or painting gallery. Recommended for projects that make pastel tones their strong point. Read here the technical characteristics.

Enhanched Matte 310g

A unique paper dedicated to photographers of all ages. The warmest white point of the Rag Photographique gives that elegance typical of art galleries. Recommended for black and white portraits. Read here the technical characteristics.