The Studio

The Samuele Mancini Fine Art Studio offers certified Fine Art photo printing services and is aimed at Italian and foreign authors.

Our added value lies in placing the relationship with the photographer at the center of the work and the enhancement not only of the images to be printed but of all his aesthetic vision.

Taking the photographer along the Fine Art workflow (from the analysis of the project to the exhibition event) is never just a commercial mechanism.

It is a work of constant artistic meeting and confrontation. It is the will to direct every technical effort towards achieving the best possible translation on paper.

The Samuele Mancini Fine Art Print Studio is aimed at photographers who make quality their strong point. It’s a place where you can reach, through total control of each step, the highest quality in the printing phase.

The Printer

Samuele Mancini is an Italian photographer and printer. During the ten years of his career he has printed for photographers such as Giuliana Traverso, Ferdinando Scianna, Abbas, Francesco Cito, Marc T’syen, Renee’ Jakobs and many others. 2018 he has also been responsible for the fine art printing of the photographic archive of the designer Roberto Cavalli. His personal vision of the photographic workflow from the shot to the Fine Art print led him in 2016 to receive, among the first in Italy, the international quality certification Canson Infinity, a world leader in the cotton paper industry. 2017 and ‘Italian Ambassador for Canson Infinity.