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According to Tabucchi

Review by Giancarlo Zappoli ( A tribute to many voices (from those closest to him like his wife and son to those of friends and intellectuals) for Antonio Tabucchi, writer, university professor and man of culture in the fullest sense of the term.
“Pereira says that time changed that afternoon. Suddenly the Atlantic breeze stopped, a thick curtain of fog came from the ocean and the city found itself shrouded in heat. This is how it begins, with climatic elements that anticipate the character’s entry into the scene but at the same time follow her because it is her surname that opens the narrative in the most famous novel by an author uncomfortable for some but also loved by many.

Six years after his death, a reconstruction of a literary and civil testimony arrives on the screens that should not be forgotten, as often happens in these amnesic times of ours.

Tabucchi was an intellectual who never tied himself to any wagon and for this reason he paid both on the right (having opposed the most aggressive phase of Berlusconism with the weapon of the word) and on the left (explicitly not accepting the revisionisms more or less absolutorial towards the militants in the R.B.). Tabucchi who, for his detractors, was a new Prezzolini who taught Italians how they should behave when abroad. While this was not the reason why he often resided in Portugal but the passion born on a Parisian day when, before taking a train, he had bought a book of what would become his cult author: Pessoa.

From the many interventions on his figure as a writer and teacher emerges the portrait of a man who did not close himself in the ivory tower of knowledge because he possessed an increasingly obsolete dowry: the ability to listen. For this reason, the only lack in this shared homage is that of Roberto Faenza, director of Sostiene Pereira. Tabucchi knew how much Faenza had wanted to shoot that work despite those who believed that Marcello Mastroianni in the role of Pereira was ‘unbanked’ (i.e. unable to attract box office revenue) and then hypocritically mourned him when he died the year after the film was released. The two worked together on the script and it would have been interesting to know how they ‘listened’.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

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titolo originale:Se di tutto resta un poco. Sulle tracce di Antonio Tabucchi
da un’idea di:Diego Perucci, Samuele Mancini
regia:Diego Perucci
sceneggiatura:Diego Perucci
fotografia:Matteo GarziSamuele Mancini
montaggio:Matteo Garzi
musica:Fedele Messina
produttore:Giuseppe CassaroSamuele Rossi
produzione:Echivisivi Produzione Cinematografica