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Samuele Mancini, born in 1986, is an Italian photographer and printer based in Siena, Italy.

He graduated in Anthropology at the University of Letters and Philosophy in Siena

and has always tried to combine technical knowledge with artistic research.
Engaged in long-term projects, his images have often tried to address critical areas of society and culture of the Western world.

His series Islands of lights (2009-2019) has received several awards since 2010 and in May 2019 will be visible for three months at the DOKA photography gallery in the center of Antwerp.
In 2014, after ten months of work, he created a documentary project with Alessio Duranti on public transport in the city of Siena. From the project, titled “Without own vehicles”, was realized an exhibition promoted by the City at the Palazzo Pubblico in the famous Piazza del Campo in Siena, which reached 3000 visits in a month.
In the commercial field, he has created photo shoots for Italian and international companies such as BMW, Mulino Bianco, Lamipel, Officine Luce, Tiemme. Since 2017 he has also been the official photographer of the renowned Officina Profumeria Santa Maria Novella in Florence, one of the oldest companies in Europe.
Some of his shots have been published on important magazines such as Vogue Italia, New York Time online, Corriere della Sera, Bal Harbour Magazine, La Repubblica.
In 2013 he will be using the language of film for the first time. As co-designer and co-director of photography, he took part in the creation of the first documentary dedicated to the writer Antonio Tabucchi. The film, entitled “Se di tutto resta un poco” was presented at the Italian Film Festival in Lisbon in 2017 and then, in collaboration with Echi Visivi, La Effe, Feltrinelli and MovieDay, broadcast on television and in cinemas in Italy.

In parallel with his artistic research, he has never failed to focus on printing techniques. His innovative vision on the optimization of the photographic file and his intuitions in the field of digital color management for Fine Art printing have in fact led him to become one of the reference printers in central / northern Italy.

Since 2015 he has had the honor of working for many masters of Italian and international photography. Among the many are the Sicilian photographer Ferdinando Scianna, for whom he has printed entire exhibitions and edited limited edition Fine Art editions, the teacher of Italian photography Giuliana Traverso, for whom he has printed and edited unpublished series, the multiple winner of the World Press Photo Francesco Cito, the great American photographer René Jacobs, the photographer Magnum Abbas, for whom he printed an exhibition a few months after his death, the Belgian photographer Marc T’syen who was the assistant of the great Cecil Beaton.

Since 2017 he has received, among the first three in Italy, the quality certification Canson Infinity and is, for the historic French company, testimonial for the Fine Art press.

In 2018 he was called by the designer Roberto Cavalli as a consultant for the Fine Art press and for the management of his photographic archive in view of his solo exhibition at DUBAI in 2020.


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